Whit Press honors the critical contibution independent booksellers make to our communities. Whit Press books can be ordered directly from Whit Press, or any independent bookstore in your area.


Whit Press is a Seattle based nonprofit publishing organization dedicated to the transformational power of the written word.

Whit Press gratefully acknowledges the generous support of:

  • Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
  • The Hill Snowdown Foundation
  • The National Endowment for the Arts
  • The Breneman-Jaech Foundation
  • The Seattle Foundation
  • The Hill-Snowdon Foundation
  • The Glaser Foundation
  • The Helen B. Whiteley Center, University of Washington
  • 4Culture
  • Seattle Office Of Arts and Cultural Affairs
  • Our Individual Contributors


Whit Press books are available to libraries and the general booktrade by ordering directly from Whit Press.



To request permission to reprint work originally copyrighted by Whit Press please email us at:


Prospective Intern:

Thank you very much for your interest in Whit Press.

Whit Press is currently developing a grantwriting internship program. If you have excellent writing skills and would like to make a meaningful contribution to promoting the literary arts, please write to us at:

Whit Press
PO Box 13275
Jackson, WY 83002


Whit Press currently publishes three to four titles per year. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts at this time.

When selecting projects we consider three key book development criteria. To be considered for publication work must:

  1. employ the literary arts in support of projects and/or nonprofit organizations which promote social and environmental justice and responsibility;
  2. inspire, encourage, and support writing, reading, and literary awareness; or
  3. be writing of exceptional merit from emerging writers and/or work of exceptional social and artistic consequence from established writers that would be passed over by the commercial publishing conglomerates.

Whit Press titles provide an active reading and thinking public with a viable alternative to commercial publishing priorities. One of our primary goals is to give writers an opportunity to develop quality book projects that serve our communities. If you have a project you would like Whit Press to consider, or know of an organization that could benefit from a Whit Press book, please e-mail a brief outline of the project to:

Please do not send complete manuscripts.

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